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Housing / Mounts / SnapPaks
Housings & Mounts  Honeywell's housings and mounts are the perfect accessories to complete your camera installation, and have been designed to withstand the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments.

HHC12 Series Housings - Medium Environmental Housing

HHM Series Housing Mount Adapters - Housing Mount Adapters

HHM Series Housing Mounts - Housing Mounts

HBC5 Series - Indoor Camera Mounting Bracket

HD3, HD4, HDPR Housing Mounts - Indoor/Outdoor Fixed Minidome Mounts

HHCWM Series - Weatherproof Camera Housing

HHM Series Mounts and Adapters - HHM Series Mounts and Adapters for HHCWM and HHCWM2

H3S, H4S Housing Mounts - equIP® Series S Indoor/Outdoor Fixed Minidome Mounts

Performance Series IP Mounts - Indoor/Outdoor Mounts and Accessories

960H Performance Series Mounts - Indoor/Outdoor Mounts and Accessories

SnapPak - Pre-Assembled Camera Housing and Lens Package

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