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Enterprise NVR Series Digital Encoders

Enterprise NVR Series Digital Encoders
Enterprise Class Real Time Full Resolution MPEG4/H.264 Video Encoders


Honeywell’s Enterprise NVR (Network Video Recorder) is an industry-leading enterprise class digital video solution. The Enterprise NVR is built upon the best in class components that provide the flexibility and scalability to design a digital video system suited to a variety of end user applications. Honeywell is a total solution provider offering all the components of a flexible video system starting with the cameras, encoders, management software, servers, workstations, and video storage.

Honeywell Enterprise NVR Series MPEG4/H.264 eight channel video encoders are offered as full 30FPS @ 4CIF resolution with ability to scale downwards as desired. The eight channel encoder supports audio, alarm in/out and a serial port for PTZ control redundant network interfaces and power supply provides high availability for mission critical applications.

H.264 main profile interlaced encoding provides higher quality video for scenes with horizontal motion (e.g. pan, zoom) for the same bitrate as compared to progressive encoding.

Adjustable for motion preference or image preference.

Dual streaming capability gives the ability to record and view at different qualities and an Adaptive Noise Reduction Filter (ANRF) automatically adapts itself to the scene and reduce noise coming from the analog signal.

Market Opportunities
The Enterprise NVR Encoder converts analog video signals to digital for transmission over a digital network. The eight channel encoder is intended to be used exclusively with the Honeywell Enterprise NVR Software.


  • Uses MPEG4 or H.264 (main profile) compression
  • Capable of eight non-multiplexed video streams in 4CIF
  • Capable of 30FPS (True Frames) per channel
  • Dual power supply option and dual NIC
  • Supports Ethernet Multicasting
  • Supports PAL or NTSC cameras
  • Supports synchronized audio and video
  • Eight Alarm Inputs
  • Eight Relay outputs
  • Eight Audio channels
  • RS232 and RS485 PTZ control port
  • Management application for configuration

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Data Sheet - Enterprise NVR Series Digital Encoders 38.82 KB 01/05/14
Enterprise NVR System A&E Specification 264.58 KB 11/29/11
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Ordering Information

Part No. Description
HE8ENAUD Audio - Encoder Upgrade (Requires 1 per audio channel)
HE8N240E4 MPEG4 or H.264 (H.264 requires Alpha software 5.87 and higher)

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