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Advance Replacement Program

Honeywell offers an Advance Replacement Program for select products** only. This provides customers quick resolution to product failures.

** Contact Honeywell at 1-800-323-4576 to confirm
eligible products for this program.

Program Outline:

  • You call Honeywell

  • After troubleshooting, it is determined that your unit is defective, needs replacement, and is eligible for the Advance Replacement Program

  • We ship a replacement unit to you

  • We invoice you for the replacement unit, plus a repair fee

  • You ship your defective unit to Honeywell

  • We credit your account for the replacement unit amount

  • If the defective unit is within warranty, we credit your account for the repair charge

  • If the defective unit is out of warranty, the repair fee is charged to your account

Program Details:

  • You must have an Advance Replacement account directly with Honeywell in order to obtain an Advance Replacement unit. To get your Advance Replacement account set up, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-323-4576, Option 1.

  • The Advance Replacement Program for DVRs does not allow you to recover stored images on your hard drive. The hard drive on the defective unit shipped back by you will be wiped clean.

  • The warranty on the replacement unit shipped to you is:

    • the balance of the warranty remaining on the unit returned by you, or

    • six months, if returned unit is out of warranty

  • The defective unit must be shipped directly to Honeywell in El Paso, TX, not to authorized distributor. Credit will not be issued if you do not return the defective unit to Honeywell within 60 days of being invoiced.

  • Failure to reference the RAC number will result in the box(es) being refused at the Honeywell Shipping dock. These boxes will be returned to you at your expense and credit will not be processed.

  • Occasional circumstances such as product availability, physical inventory or holiday shutdowns, may prolong shipping schedules. Customer Service will advise you in advance if such situations exist.