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equIP® Series Digital High Speed Network Dome System


Honeywell’s equIP® Series is an array of IP-based products that have an open architecture platform and utilize a single Application Program Interface (API). The API allows for a common user experience and integration with hybrid Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs).

Honeywell’s ACUIX™ IP PTZ dome offers the latest in digital video surveillance. ACUIX IP is the combination of world-class video and leading-edge IP networking technologies to provide streaming MPEG-4 images in 4CIF, 2CIF, and CIF resolutions with rates up to 30 frames per second (25 fps for PAL systems).

The ACUIX IP PTZ dome offers multiple housings and high-resolution, auto-focus cameras for virtually any application. The color camera is available with an 18X zoom lens with 470 TVL (460 TVL PAL) of resolution. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and True Day/Night (TDN) models feature 18X, 26X and 35X zoom lenses with up to 540 TVL (530 TVL PAL) of resolution. The 35X model also includes electronic image stabilization for improved image quality in unstable mounting situations.

ACUIX IP uses Honeywell technology for camera sabotage detection, field upgradable firmware and backup of all camera settings. Camera sabotage detection notifies the user when a camera has been blinded or vandalized, ensuring the integrity of the video and alerting the user to a live event or system problem disrupting the video stream. Honeywell’s technology also allows users to remotely upload firmware to all domes and permits secure storage of all camera settings such as labels, presets, tours and privacy zones.

Market Opportunities
The combination of the latest in digital technology, advanced video processing and aesthetically pleasing design makes the ACUIX IP ideally suited for large retailers, airports, government installations, schools and campuses, industrial environments, and anywhere detailed surveillance is essential.


  • MPEG-4 compression
  • 4CIF, 2CIF, and CIF resolutions
  • Up to 30/25 frames per second
  • Camera Sabotage Detection
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • Backup of all camera settings
  • 4 dry contact inputs
  • Up to 150 user-defined presets
  • 16 preset tours of 64 presets each
  • 32 Dynamic Privacy Zones
  • Password protection prevents unauthorized users from altering system settings
  • Built-in surge and lightning protection
  • Menus are provided for English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, and Spanish

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
ACUIX Mounts and Adapters Data Sheet 458.87 KB 09/04/12
ACUIX™ IP PTZ Dome Data Sheet 266.63 KB 09/04/12
ACUIX IP (digital) Rugged Installation Guide 672.76 KB 08/20/08
ACUIX™ IP-Kurzanleitung zur Installation - DE 4.67 MB 07/12/10
ACUIX™ IP Installation and Configuration Guide 2.18 MB 12/05/11
ACUIX™ IP Quick Install Guide 1 MB 12/09/09
ACUIX™ Series Installation Guide Addendum: Installing the Lower Dome Trim Ring Gasket 232.83 KB 06/29/09
ACUIX™ Series V2 Addendum 52.67 KB 06/29/09
equIP® Series ACUIX™ IP PTZ Dome V2.1 Quick Installation Guide Addendum 159.59 KB 06/29/09
Guía de instalación rápida de ACUIX™ IP - ES 5.06 MB 07/12/10
Guida rapida all'installazione ACUIX™ IP - IT 4.66 MB 07/12/10
Guide d'installation rapide d'ACUIX™ IP - FR 4.69 MB 07/12/10
HDCM1 Ceiling Mount Install Guide 84.55 KB 06/29/09
HDPRM2 Parapet Mount Install Guide 140.56 KB 06/29/09
HDXWM2 Wall Mount Installation Guide 81.67 KB 06/29/09
Przewodnik szybkiej instalacji kamery equIP® Seria ACUIX™ IP PTZ 4.83 MB 07/12/10
Série equIP® Rychlý instalační manuál pro IP PTZ Dome kameru ACUIX™ - CZ 8.68 MB 07/12/10
Verkorte installatie handleiding ACUIX™ IP - NL 4.63 MB 07/12/10
A&E Specs
ACUIX™ IP PTZ Dome A&E Spec 232 KB 01/06/12
Product Drawings
IP PTZ Domes - ANSI A Portrait (.zip) 1.66 MB 07/02/10
Other Resources
ACUIX Brochure 3.1 MB 09/04/12
ACUIX Flyer 187.62 KB 10/29/08
Brochure – ONVIF Series Cameras 213.73 KB 10/22/14
Brochure – ONVIF Series Cameras - FR 231.54 KB 07/14/14
IP66 Certificate 2.08 MB 03/25/08
UL 50E 3.64 MB 03/25/08
equIP ® Series—Your Connection to IP-Network Security Solutions 533.33 KB 04/20/08
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