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Performance Series HQA DVRs
720P/1080P DVRS


Supercharge your Analogue security system with Honeywell’s HQA (High Quality Analog) technology for High Definition 720p/1080p images over your existing coax infrastructure. The Performance Series HQA 720p/1080p DVRs are the economic alternative for achieving HD video surveillance while retaining your existing BNC cables and cameras.

Fully-featured DVRs
  • High decoding capability for full HD viewing and recording.
  • View up to 16 channels simultaneously on your monitor with 1080p full-frame rate preview.
  • Up to 16 channels of alarm input (depending on model) and 2 channels of alarm relay output.
  • HRHH204/HRHH208 DVRs: Record all channels @ 1080p full frame rate.
  • HRHM104/HRHH108/HRHH116 DVRs: Record all channels @ either 720p full frame rate or 1080p half frame rate.
  • H.264 dual-stream video compression.
  • Each channel supports HQA/Analog Video input. (HRHM104 supports HQA cameras only).
  • Simultaneous HDMI/VGA video output.
  • Hybrid models support both Standard Definition (SD) and High Quality Analog (HQA).
Easy to Use
  • The Quick wizard and plug-and-play (similar to traditional DVRs and analog cameras) make setup fast and easy.
  • Physical installation within minutes with the help of a comprehensive and easy-to-understand quick installation guide.
Convenient, Flexible Storage Options
  • Internal storage supports two HDDs, up to 8 TB total (4 TB each). (Please note, the HRHM1041 DVR only supports a single HDD, up to 4 TB total).
  • Store videos and snapshots to external storage, such as the client’s PC, through the Internet.
  • Store videos and snapshots to an external network storage server such as an FTP site.
  • Store videos and snapshots to a USB memory device.
Dynamic, Accessible Monitoring
  • Monitor from anywhere using the mobile apps for Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones, Apple and Android tablet computers, and laptops.
  • Network monitoring, including the transmission of some alarm information through SNMP.
  • All channels support synchronous playback and smart search (search for video that was recorded because motion was detected in a selected area).
Privacy Masking
  • Conceal up to 4 areas of a scene from viewing and recording.
Safety Features
  • Configurable motion detection and camera tamper detection settings, including configurable alarm alerts, such as automatic emails (with attached video or snapshot) and automatic alerts (such as buzzers or flashing lights).
  • Remote configuration and firmware updating through Honeywell Viewer web client and the Honeywell Config tool. Password-protected access to the camera’s and DVR’s video and network setup.
  • Bidirectional communication for the DVR.
Market Opportunities

The Performance Series HQA 720p/1080p DVRs’ HQA technology makes these DVRs perfect for installations where you want HD-quality video while still using your existing coax infrastructure. These HQA DVRs also deliver higher quality video than current 960H analog systems, but at a similar cost.


Immediately Detect and Respond to Events

The Performance Series HQA 720p/1080p DVRs can be configured to automatically detect and respond to events such as motion in the scene, alarm inputs, a network failure and/or tampering. Automated responses include:

  • Sending a notification through email, FTP and/or HTTP.
  • Uploading still images at the time of the event through email and/or FTP.
  • Recording a video clip of the event so it is available to distribute to authorities.
  • Enabling a visual or auditory notification (a flashing light, bell or siren).

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
Data sheet - Performance Series HQA DVRs 182.13 KB 06/17/15
Data sheet - Performance Series HQA DVRs - French 406.21 KB 04/19/16
Data sheet - Performance Series HQA DVRs - Portuguese 247.19 KB 04/19/16
Data sheet - Performance Series HQA DVRs - Spanish 400.47 KB 04/19/16
Performance Series HQA DVRs Quick Installation Guide 348.84 KB 03/19/15
Performance Series HQA DVRs Quick Networking Guide 302.68 KB 03/19/15
Performance Series HQA DVRs User Guide 14.2 MB 03/19/15
A&E Specs
A&E Specs - Performance Series HQA DVRs 33.35 KB 08/25/15
Other Resources
Performance Series HQA Quick Reference Guide 582.03 KB 03/12/18
Performance Series High Quality Analog - Hassle-free 939.07 KB 03/20/15
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
4 Channel
HRHM1041 720p, 4-channel, 1 TB, HQA Pure DVR
HRHH2042 1080p, 4-channel, 2 TB, HQA/SD* Hybrid DVR
8 Channel
HRHH1081 720p, 8-channel, 1 TB, HQA/SD* Hybrid DVR
HRHH1083 720p, 8-channel, 3 TB, HQA/SD* Hybrid DVR
HRHH2082 1080p, 8-channel, 2 TB, HQA/SD* Hybrid DVR
HRHH2086 1080p, 8-channel, 6 TB, HQA/SD* Hybrid DVR
16 Channel
HRHH1161 720p, 16-channel, 1 TB, HQA/SD* Hybrid DVR
HRHH1163 720p, 16-channel, 3 TB, HQA/SD* Hybrid DVR
HRHH1166 720p, 16-channel, 6 TB, HQA/SD* Hybrid DVR

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