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Enterprise NVR Software

Enterprise NVR Series Software
Enterprise Class Digital Recording System


Honeywell’s Enterprise NVR (Network Video Recorder) video management system is an industry leading enterprise class digital video solution. The Enterprise NVR is built upon the best in class components that provide the flexibility and scalability suited to a variety of end user applications. Honeywell is a total solution provider offering all the components of a flexible video system such as cameras, encoders, management software, servers, workstations, and video storage.

Honeywell’s Enterprise NVR Alpha software manages all of the individual hardware components that make up the system. The Alpha software delivers unparalleled flexibility and scalability for a variety of system requirements. The video management system is capable of simultaneous viewing, recording, playback, transmission, and archiving of video and synchronized audio streams. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is powerful, intuitive, and flexible enough to meet a variety of surveillance and security applications managing a single video channel or thousands.

The Enterprise NVR software is also compatible with components necessary to create a robust and user friendly system that virtualizes the analog and digital worlds. This includes Honeywell’s MAXPRO-Net which controls the MAX and VideoBloX matrix switch hardware and the industry leading UltraKey controller. The Enterprise NVR is also fully integrated with Honeywell’s IDM (Integrated Data Manager) for synchronizing data such as point of sale and slot information with video.

Market Opportunities
Enterprise NVR software is ideal for use as a standalone digital video management system for a virtual matrix application or in conjunction with the Honeywell analog matrix for a hybrid solution. Security and surveillance operators benefit from the powerful user interface that provides instant access to video recordings without compromising performance. The software is field tested and proven in some of the largest and most demanding applications in the gaming industry.


  • Pentaplex operation: "live” viewing, "playback" viewing, recording, video and audio recording and transmission.
  • Manage from 1 to more than 3000 video channels and more than a Petabyte of hard drive storage as one integrated system
  • Maintain high levels of performance as the systems scales
  • Support for industry-leading IP and megapixel cameras
  • Secure video format and multilevel user passwords prevent unauthorized access
  • Powerful scripting language for creating automatic event response and routine actions
  • Based on Microsoft Windows® 2000 or XP Professional Operating System
  • Supports the direct connection of Honeywell IP cameras and other popular IP camera brands

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
Enterprise NVR Series Software Data Sheet 142.79 KB 09/04/12
Detailed Process for Licensing Enterprise Alpha NVR 516.27 KB 03/21/14
Enterprise NVR alpha v5.87.18 "What's New" Software Release Notes 86.09 KB 01/19/16
Enterprise NVR System A&E Specification 264.58 KB 11/29/11
Enterprise NVR System DVS-Kit Server Kit Quick Start Guide v5.85 408 KB 11/29/11
Enterprise NVR System User Manual Version 5.85 19.17 MB 11/29/11
Enterprise NVR System Viewing Workstation Kit Quick Start Guide v5.85 1 MB 11/29/11
Installing Enterprise v5.87.18 Software Application Note 1.35 MB 01/16/16
Technical Note: Configuring UltraKey Plus with Enterprise 368.77 KB 05/02/14
Technical Note: IP cameras supported by the alpha system 8.04 MB 07/25/17
Other Resources
Advertisement: Take Command 78.66 KB
Brochure – IP Security Solutions 896.11 KB 12/13/16
Advertisement: Take Command 78.66 KB
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
HE16SWL2 Software and DVS Key for 16 Encoder Channels and 4 IP Camera – Includes 1 TB Ring Buffer License
HE32SWL2 HE32SWL2 Software and DVS Key for 32 Encoder Channels and 4 IP Camera – Includes 2 TB Ring Buffer License
HE64SWL2 Software and DVS Key for 64 Encoder Channels and 4 IP Camera – Includes 4 TB Ring Buffer License
HEIPSWL Software and NVR Key for up to 96 Channels IP Camera or 32 Channel Encoder – Includes 1TB Ring Buffer License
HEIPCAM Single Channel IP Camera Interface for Servers
NOTE: All DVS and NVR Keys require 1 HEIPCAM for each IP camera added.
NOTE: A maximum of 32 Channels @ 4CIF 30FPS for minimum specification hardware
HERASK Workstation software and Key Kit
Ring Buffer Licenses
HE01RB Ring Buffer License - 1.0 TB
HE04RB Ring Buffer License - 4.0 TB
HE16RB Ring Buffer License - 16.0 TB
Misc Licenses
HEKYBL Enterprise UltraKey License
HENTP Enterprise Network Time Protocol License
HEUPS Enterprise UPS Control Protocol License
Enterprise Workstation Upgrade Licenses
HERASK-UP1 Enterprise Workstation 1 Year Upgrade License
HERASK-UP2 Enterprise Workstation 2 Year Upgrade License
HERASK-UP3 Enterprise Workstation 3 Year Upgrade License
Enterprise Server Upgrade Licenses and Accessories
HEXXSW-UP1 Enterprise Server 1 Year Upgrade License
HEXXSW-UP2 Enterprise Server 2 Year Upgrade License

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