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Enterprise NVR Storage Unit

Enterprise NVR Storage Unit
Enterprise Storage Series


Honeywell’s Enterprise NVR (Network Video Recorder) video management system is an industry-leading enterprise class digital video surveillance solution. The Enterprise NVR is built on best-in-class components that provide the flexibility and scalability needed to design a video system suited to a variety of end user applications. Honeywell is a total solution provider offering all the components of a reliable video system such as cameras, encoders, management software, servers, workstations and video storage units.

The Enterprise NVR storage unit is a solution that provides the processor and RAID enclosure in one chassis, resulting in both space and cost savings. RAID 5 and 6 support is available through a hardware-based RAID controller that removes the loading on the processor that software RAID can bring. A convenient web browser interface is used to manage the RAID controller.

The storage units are pre-loaded with the latest version of Enterprise NVR software that receives video and audio from IP cameras and/or encoders. The storage unit manages the receiving, storing and retransmitting video when it is requested by an NVR client workstation.

The Enterprise NVR storage unit is rack mountable and designed to manage up to 96 channels of digital video for scalability. Powered by Intel® technology, the units feature dual redundant power supplies and mirrored 2.5" operating and application drives for high availability.

Dual 1 GB NICs are optimized to separate record and viewing data to ensure 100% recording and smooth playback even with multiple client connections. The Enterprise NVR storage unit leverages industry-leading IT components and is tested to sustain the rigorous demands of a video system.

Market Opportunities
The Enterprise NVR storage unit is an integral component of the Enterprise NVR video management system and can be scaled from a single camera to thousands of cameras. The small form factor, high performance, and reliability of the storage unit makes it an ideal solution in installations where digital video is mission critical.


  • Capable of simultaneous record, playback, live view, archive, or transmission of digital video
  • Receives and records a minimum of 48 channels of 4CIF at 30/25 fps
  • 2U form factor with optional locking front bezel. Rack rails included for use with four post racking systems
  • Utilizes Intel processor technology
  • RAID 1 OS 2.5" drives
  • 8 x RAID 5/6 removable storage drives
  • Reliable and robust SAS hard drives for video storage
  • Redundant power supplies

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Data Sheets
Data Sheet: Enterprise NVR Storage Unit 470.18 KB 08/21/14
Data Sheet: Enterprise NVR Storage Unit - Spanish 472.02 KB 11/19/14
Data Sheet: Enterprise NVR Storage Unit - Portuguese 476.11 KB 11/19/14
Data Sheet: Enterprise NVR Storage Unit - French Canadian 471.48 KB 11/19/14
Technical Note: IP cameras supported by the alpha system 8.04 MB 07/25/17
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Ordering Information

Part No. Description Usable Storage
HESB041S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 4X1T SAS,8D 1.819 TB RAID 6, 2.728 TB @ RAID 5
HESB061S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 6X1T SAS,8D 3.638 TB RAID 6, 4.547 TB @ RAID 5
HESB081S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 8X1T SAS,8D 5.457 TB RAID 6, 6.366 TB @ RAID 5
HESB082S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 4X2T SAS,8D 3.368 TB RAID 6, 5.457 TB @ RAID 5
HESB122S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 6X2T SAS,8D 7.276 TB RAID 6, 9.095 TB @ RAID 5
HESB162S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 8X2T SAS,8D 10.915 TB RAID 6, 12.734 TB @ RAID 5
HESB123S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 4X3T SAS,8D 5.456 TB RAID 6, 8.185 TB @ RAID 5
HESB183S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 6X3T SAS,8D 10.913 TB RAID 6, 13.642 TB @ RAID 5
HESB243S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 8X3T SAS,8D 16.370 TB RAID 6, 19.099 TB @ RAID 5
HESB164S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 4X4 T B SAS, 8D 7.276 TB RAID 6, 10.914 TB @ RAID 5
HESB244S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 6X4 T B SAS, 8D 14.552 TB RAID 6, 18.189 TB @ RAID 5
HESB324S Enterprise NVR Storage Unit, 8X4 T B SAS, 8D 21.828 TB RAID 6, 25.466 TB @ RAID 5
HESBHD1S 1 T B SAS Upgrade Kit, Enterprise N VR Storage Rev B Server
HESBHD2S 2 T B SAS Upgrade Kit, Enterprise N VR Storage Rev B Server
HESBHD3S 3 T B SAS Upgrade Kit, Enterprise N VR Storage Rev B Server
HESBHD4S 4 T B SAS Upgrade Kit, Enterprise N VR Storage Rev B Server
HESBBZL Front Locking Bezel, Enterprise N VR Storage Unit, Rev B Server
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