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MAXPRO® NVR Software

MAXPRO® NVR Software
Network video recording solution


Honeywell’s MAXPRO NVR Software is a flexible, scalable and open IP video surveillance system. Supporting Honeywell's high definition (HD) cameras and broad integration with third party IP cameras and encoders, the MAXPRO NVR family is a powerful HD IP recording and security monitoring system for a variety of applications. MAXPRO NVR Software ensures flexibility for end user IT departments when choosing NVR hardware in deploying a recording solution, but end users will find it as easy as a DVR to configure and operate.

MAXPRO NVR Software is an open platform and supports broad third party device integrations with support for PSIA and ONVIF (including Profile S devices) standards, real time streaming protocol (RTSP) standard and native device integrations including 360° camera support.

MAXPRO NVR provides easy to use desktop clients, web client and mobile apps—MAXPRO Mobile. The Web Client is supported from any standard Mac or PC browser and requires no additional install, provides the value of reduced setup, maintenance and improved compatibility. The interface is simple and intuitive with all the functionality and features that users need for daily surveillance operations, such as live view and playback of recorded video.

Market Opportunities
The continual growth of IP networks and the demand for HD video offered by IP cameras have led to the need for convergence of building security systems and IT systems for many companies across the globe. This has resulted in a strong demand for open video recording solution software. MAXPRO NVR Software provides flexible and scalable operational power to address the needs of a wide variety of applications. When the need is for an easy to install, simple to use, and feature rich open network video recorder, the solution is MAXPRO NVR Software.


  • MAXPRO NVR Software allows local or remote operations including live and recorded video monitoring, configuration and system management in a single desktop client interface.
  • Support for Web Client on Windows PC (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers) and Mac (Safari browser). Supports live, playback/search of recorded video for up to 1080p resolution on all cameras, taking snapshots and viewing presets for PTZ cameras
  • Support for mobile monitoring clients on iOS and Android with MAXPRO Mobile apps
  • Broad device integrations: Honeywell cameras and encoders, third party devices with support for standards—PSIA and ONVIF (including Profile S devices), RTSP standard and native device integration including 360° camera support.
  • Feature-rich, user-friendly Windows based interface to view HD video and configure system settings.
  • Easy 3-click* wizard to set up the system with auto-configuration and auto-discovery of IP cameras, recording and monitoring configuration—without any IP video expertise.
  • Multi-zoom views on HD video. Example: Zoom in on a cash register in one view of the HD camera while at the same time monitoring the cash operator in the zoom out view of the HD camera.
  • Ability to investigate events and alarms by simultaneously viewing alarm videos at various stages. For every alarm, users can view the video captured during pre-alarm, on-alarm, and post-alarm, and also view live video from the camera which triggered the alarm.
  • Enriched video viewing experience through the intuitive video rendering engine that optimizes CPU utilization by altering the video frame rate.
  • Honeywell’s patented Video Surround feature simplifies the process of tracking subjects through a set of surrounding cameras.
  • Create, save and name salvos under My Salvos or Shared Salvos.
  • IP PTZ control and digital zoom on fixed cameras. 360° immersive viewing experience providing heightened situational awareness and increased video surveillance coverage.
  • Fast search by date/time, time line, time jump, bookmarks, calendar, preview, film strip view and events.Increase productivity with more efficient earch/investigation: Get to the relevant video in few clicks without having to review hours of recordings.
  • Event history and operator log reporting with export in .pdf, Crystal Reports, Excel or Word.
  • Capture and export clips and still images in simple .wmv and .bmp formats. Clips signed with digital signature for authentication
  • Supports multiple client connection to NVR Server.
  • Separate event video and general recorded video retention times.
  • Email notification on camera, system and operator events.
  • Role-based operator privileges supporting Windows and local users.
  • Flexible Motion detection (VMD) options with Server (Smart VMD) or Camera based motion events support. Reduced false alarms with object based motion detection analytics with Smart VMD.
  • Supports One-Way Audio (for specific IP cameras) with live and playback on desktop clients
  • Advanced security features with encryption support for communication between desktop client to NVR and secure https login for Web Client
  • Keyboard control with UltraKey Plus and UltraKey Lite over Ethernet.
  • Local and multi-language support.
  • Multi-site support with MAXPRO Viewer.
  • Integration with MAXPRO VMS.
  • Integration with WIN-PAK® and Pro-Watch® Access Control Systems.

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
Data sheet - MAXPRO NVR Software 558.51 KB 02/13/14
Application Note - AXIS ONVIF Cameras or Encoders Discovery & Configuration in MAXPRO NVRs 1.74 MB 07/11/14
Application Note - Camera-Based VMD Configuration for Honeywell IP Cameras and MAXPRO NVRs 972.65 KB 06/26/12
Detailed Process for Licensing MAXPRO® NVR or MAXPRO® VMS Software 60.13 KB 03/21/14
EquIP Quick Reference Guide 527.2 KB 11/29/17
Getting Started Guide - MAXPRO NVR Software 1.84 MB 08/31/16
Installation and Configuration Guide - MAXPRO NVR 8.24 MB 10/31/17
MAXPRO NVR Server Software – VMware specifications 45.23 KB 11/10/15
MAXPRO NVR Software Upgrade - Download Center and Upgrade Steps - Application Note 1.44 MB 05/30/14
MAXPRO® Mobile App for MAXPRO NVR 1.88 MB 08/14/12
Microsoft® Windows Patches Tested with MAXPRO® NVR 687.43 KB 11/28/17
Operator’s Guide - MAXPRO NVR 5.31 MB 10/31/17
Upgrade Technical Note - MAXPRO NVR 2.5 132.97 KB 06/19/13
What's New Software Release Notes - MAXPRO NVR 2.5 246.9 KB 05/23/14
What's New Software Release Notes - MAXPRO NVR 4.5 553.36 KB 10/31/17
Other Resources
Brochure – IP Security Solutions 896.11 KB 12/13/16
Brochure - MAXPRO® IP Video Solutions 4.16 MB 05/15/17
Interoperability Matrix - Honeywell Products 686.91 KB 05/15/17
IP Cameras Supported by Honeywell MAXPRO® NVRs 1.38 MB 03/15/18
Flyer – MAXPRO® NVRs – Portuguese 73.38 KB 05/12/15
Flyer - MAXPRO® NVR - Spanish 68.61 KB 05/12/15
Mobile Flyer – MAXPRO NVR Series 118.46 KB 09/06/16
Quick Reference Guide 349.84 KB 05/15/17
Soluciones de Video IP MAXPRO® Series 1.06 MB 10/22/14
Soluções de Vídeo de IP Série MAXPRO® 1.04 MB 10/22/14
Solutions de vidéo surveillance HD 62.83 KB 05/12/15
Solutions vidéo sur IP de série MAXPROMD 606.79 KB 10/22/14
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
Ordering MAXPRO NVR Software
MPNVRSW32 MAXPRO NVR Software – Base Software and License for 32 Channels
MPNVRSW16 MAXPRO NVR Software – Base Software and License for 16 Channels
MPNVRSW8 MAXPRO NVR Software – Base Software and License for 8 Channels
MPNVRSW4 MAXPRO NVR Software – Base Software and License for 4 Channels
Ordering MAXPRO NVR Software – Upgrade Licenses
MPNVRSW1UP MAXPRO NVR Software – 1 Channel License Upgrade
MPNVRSW4UP MAXPRO NVR Software – 4 Channel License Upgrade
MPNVRSW8UP MAXPRO NVR Software – 8 Channel License Upgrade
MPNVRSW16UP MAXPRO NVR Software – 16 Channel License Upgrade
Ordering Software Support Agreements for MAXPRO NVR Software
SMUMPNVR4 Annual Software Maintenance & Upgrades Agreement – MAXPRO NVR Software System, up to 4 Channels
SMUMPNVR8 Annual Software Maintenance & Upgrades Agreement – MAXPRO NVR Software System, up to 8 Channels
SMUMPNVR16 Annual Software Maintenance & Upgrades Agreement – MAXPRO NVR Software System, up to 16 Channels
SMUMPNVR32 Annual Software Maintenance & Upgrades Agreement – MAXPRO NVR Software System, up to 32 Channels
SMU24MPNVR4 Annual 24/7 Software Maintenance & Upgrades Agreement – MAXPRO NVR Software System, up to 4 Channels
SMU24MPNVR8 Annual 24/7 Software Maintenance & Upgrades Agreement – MAXPRO NVR Software System, up to 8 Channels
MU24MPNVR16 Annual 24/7 Software Maintenance & Upgrades Agreement – MAXPRO NVR Software System, up to 16 Channels
SMU24MPNVR32 Annual 24/7 Software Maintenance & Upgrades Agreement – MAXPRO NVR Software System, up to 32 Channels

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